Search Job advert with festive flair lands record views on Linkedin!

Search Job advert with festive flair lands record views on Linkedin!

At Search Consultancy, we like to keep recruitment fun while we also attract the best candidates for our clients’ roles. Because we know that candidates are less likely to read through and absorb an entire job advert if the content is dull and ordinary, we encourage and train our consultants to think outside the box when they create copy for job ads. 

One brilliant example, from Senior Sales Consultant, Chris Newman, was truly creative and amusing and raised our christmas spirits!

The copy was written to attract candidates towards a Sales Director vacancy in the UK. Given that we are well into the festive season, Chris had the creative foresight to write a clever rendition of the original classic, ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’ to showcase the role. 

When asked what motivated him to incorporate elements from the classic poem into his job advert, Chris said, “Due to the nature of the job brief, it was crucial that the advert reached a wide audience. Being a bit creative by incorporating elements of the festive season into the copy of the advert seemed to be the best way to make this happen!”


Excerpts of the advert read as follows:

Twas the month before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

You're sat by the computer looking with care,

In hopes that a new job soon would be there.


As industry leaders in fleet management technology,

They are looking for someone to come and manage them honestly.

Someone with experience in technology or software is wanted it's true

But having high integrity and an impressive track record is important too.


Looking for someone with a plan that's foolproof,

As sales have recently slipped and this is the truth

So if you have experience in helping businesses turn around,

Send your CV and come with a bound.


*You can read his full poem here!

The advert was then neatly signed off with a motivational call to action with Chris’s contact details. 

Since the advert was published on 6 December, it has received nothing but positive feedback from fellow recruiters, candidates and even Sales Directors in his LinkedIn network. Many offered praise for how he was able to think outside the box when conceptualising the job brief.

“Impressive! You deserve to fill this role with that effort,” one comment from a recruiter reads. “Truly excellent Chris and how refreshing to see a different and fun approach to recruitment advertising. Congrats on your creativity,” one Sales Director added!

The advert has since generated over 2600 views, and nearly 200 likes on LinkedIn!

In terms attracting talent and Search branding, Chris is confident that his advert has had a powerful and positive impact on both candidates and clients. “It’s attracted some outstanding candidates to the role and I truly believe that this positive response will in turn please the client.” he noted.

Peter Preston, Search Director and Head of Professional Services for England, said: “It’s always refreshing to see our consultants exercise their creative skills when generating copy to attract candidates. We have found that the more interesting and original our adverts are, the more enthusiastic candidates are to apply.”

Should you be interested in hearing more about a Sales Director opportunity with a leading Fleet Management and Telematics organisation, please give Chris Newman a call on 0113 308 8027.

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